Katherine Aleman: What Does TAFE Do?

Oh, so one of the main things that we like I look forward to doing in TAFE, one of the big events that we do is junior achievement as well. Aside from first, they talk about an achievement and competition because they love competition. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization. The partnership with schools and the organization that what they do is they provide us with pockets, with they come with lesson plans and their five lesson plans that we teach students about, like economical sort of like how to raise money. How did you do this for the elementary kids? And well, when we do those, it’s you take the package home, you study them, you do practice the activities, how are you going to do it? And when you go to the schools, well, you get the teacher for the day. I mean, the teacher like that, she may be in her corner and you’re just there with the students and it gives you like that big opening, like how to be there for the kids than what I’ve previously have done, who is done there. But I do want to try other grade levels, which is, I think, one of the big opportunities that junior achievement does give us. Try other grade levels to see what she like more. And the second event that I really like is competition a competition for me. I look very like I love creating things. I’m a creative person and with competition they do give us make. There’s certainly a lot of events. For instance, there’s Bulletin Creative Bulletin Board, which is you just create a bulletin board like you pick a subject, a grade level, for instance, high school science or physics. So you do a bulletin board based on that, and it has to be creative and interactive. And that’s like to see how it goes on with the competition. And one of the big ones that I really love is teach creative material, which is you create what? You create a game from scratch that’s interactive a teaches students. And that’s what I love because currently right now, the one that we’ve built is along with my partner is a rainbow where it’s a three applicator, it’s a stand and then the rainbow. And what we’ve done, what we did is we slanted the rainbow that way. I was kind of like a slide, and we did seven sections for each color. And on one side, it’s for teaching students how to be cut. OK, combine colors like red and yellow equals orange. So we’re going to do is we’re going to grab the little ball and you’re going to place it on the orange and it’s going to slide to the orange. And then the other section is math, which is I know it’s like a lot of like, maybe hard for some students, but I want to make it like, I want to make it fun for them. So I was like, We like the little clouds with no focus. Okay, so five plus three what it’s equal to. So we have the number eight. Let’s say we have it on the place of the color purple. So we just placed in the purple color where the beat. So that’s what I love about competition. It’s it gives you the opportunity to be interactive, like interactive with your creativity. So I love about that.

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