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The Blue Deer by Christian Faltis

"...we have instituted a way of following the students as they move through our programs to see where they are, what they're having difficulty with on the exams, to provide them support for those areas and to get their scores up to a passing score on each of those exams so that they can move through. And that's really our goal here. We want to prepare the best teachers that we can to be culturally relevant, culturally sustaining language, relevant language, sustaining bilingual, knowing the communities, knowing the families working in schools that they come from."
-- Christian Faltis, Ph.D., College of Education, TAMIU

High School TAFE Student Interviews

Hear Laredo, TX High School students articulate why they have already set out to become teachers.

College Pre-service Teacher Interviews

Hear TAMIU Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) members tell of their journey so far.

TAMIU Education Faculty Interviews

Hear how the TAMIU faculty is working to lay out a path for success for these future teachers.

Partnership Interviews

Hear how partners of TAMIU are working to lay out a path for success for these future teachers.


The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer... the traditional story that has inspired our thinking.