Haziel Mota: Introduction

So my name is Haziel Mota, I am twenty years old and I am from here, from TAMIU. I am the historian of the TAMIU TAFE chapter. I come from one of the top 20th ranked low income counties, Eagle Pass Maverick County, and I’m actually really grateful to be here. Really glad to have the opportunity to be interviewed by such individuals. And I’m I look forward to a lot of great things that are happening here around the university. Yeah, Eagle Pass is a border town just the way Laredo is. It’s a little bit up north, but still on the border of Texas. Growing up, I used to be part of, well, I’m both from the border, from Belarus Negra. I was born in Eagle Pass, but I lived for my first five years in Belarus. So constantly as I was a little kid in kindergarten, I would cross the bridge every single day with my dad. I recall that memory. He would buy me a milkshake every single day, but he would always push us to like an old cross. And you know what? Go get your studies. You know, learn, you know, go to school, go to school, go to school. And for me, I feel that coming to Laredo, it has impacted my life in a very tremendous way because I doors have opened for me. I have received a lot of opportunities. So many great things that Eagle Pass didn’t offer me. I’m not, you know, being ungrateful for my town because that’s where I was raised, where I, I was taught everything. But obviously in a bigger town, we are offered like more things. And for example, in high school, we didn’t we we didn’t have TAFE. And when I came to tell you when I heard about TAFE, I was a bit confused. Like, what is TAFE? So my peers and my classmates explained to me what it was and honestly like, I was like, You know what? This is so amazing. This is cool. Like, why not be a part of it? I feel that regardless of the fact that Eagle Pass didn’t offers offers such a great opportunity, it doesn’t stop you from finding a way and finding a path to succeed and look for these things that open doors for you in other places. So that’s the story of Eagle Pass with me.

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