Raquel Rodriguez: Introduction

So my name is Raquel Rodriguez, or Rach like my friends, call me and I come from a family of a Hispanic family both of my parents grew up in in Mexico and Tamaulipas, and I grew up here in Laredo. I I’m a first gen. I’m first born child. I’m the oldest of three. I have two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, and I grew up. I had to mature early since I was only six years old when my parents divorced. So that affected me a lot since I was the one in charge of my siblings. Most of the time my mom ended up being a single mom and having to work double shifts to maintain our home and everything. So I had to step up and be the second parent in some cases, so that it also helped me to. Become a more mature person at a very young age and realize how the world is, including with older people and like older people that aren’t my age, they’ve my parents and my grandparents. And it also helped me mature and like seeing how my siblings grew up and seeing that I had to be kind of like guiding them through their school, helping them with their homework and everything. And that kind of pushed me into wanting to be a teacher since I was always with them, always the one that was after them. Well, not after them, but guiding them through their through their school years.

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