Raquel Rodriguez: School Experiences

So I always loved school since I was little. It was it was super fun. I loved every single class that I had. I don’t remember a single year that was like a bad year, really. And I was always excited about going to school. I had friends. I had amazing teachers every single year. I can’t complain about that. I know that some people say, Oh, no, like my teacher isn’t helping me. They’re so mean. Like, you know, all of my teachers were super nice and they helped me. They guided me throughout every single year and it was fun. I had to move Elementary’s once since, like one of them, and she was forced. So have two or three kids to other elementary in the same community. But it was fun. It was. It changed when I had to move because I had already had friendships for years and then moved to a new school and it was all new to me. But I still had fun. I still liked it a lot, and once I went back to middle school, I still found some of my old friends from their elementary, so it all worked out in the end.

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