Katherine Aleman: How Does TAFE Prepare You to Be a Teacher?

Yes. Okay. So basically, overall, TAFE is like we’ve mentioned before to prepare you to how to be a teacher or if you want to try out what it’s like to be a teacher to see if that’s the career path you want, then go ahead and you can control it with TAFE. We are more than welcome to have you here and visit with TAFE. You get to learn so many skills that are important, like communication. You the creativity you like working on your feet, like being super fast. What do you need to do to help this student? How to specify specifically how to modify things for students because not every student learns the same way. So with tough, I guess we want to open up to that idea that there’s a whole other world in education and that I think. That helps you out in the future with some I mentioned skills. Also getting to work with a lot of future teachers that are probably going to be working in the same schools with you. But let’s say you probably like, let’s see, like two people were into together. And then like once you go to the scene, we start working at the same middle school and you’re like, I know you weren’t in with me. Let’s go through this together. Like, Let’s work through this and then you help each other out. That’s also one of the things that we bring with TAFE so we can work in the future. And not only that, the connections that once you worked like with TAFE, like, for instance, the substitute one sense we like to encourage students to like we wanted to. We want to encourage students to go and try substituting instead of substituting. You’re actually going to the schools, you’re meeting teachers and you’re getting to work to see how, like, meet people with within the administration, the administration, the principal. And once they get to know you and see how great of a substitute, how great of a teacher you’re going to be, it’s going to be like, Hey, come work with us or like, I want to hire you once you graduate. Once you have your certification, come work with us. Like, that’s one of the huge opening things we have to.

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