Raquel Rodriguez: TAFE Involvement

So I was in TAFE. I was introduced to TAFE since I was in a practicum class for my endorsement since I had chosen. There was a different endorsements in high school that you could choose from, and I chose education because I was always attracted to education. Since a young age, I always wanted to be a teacher and that was the first, the first endorsement I saw and I was like, Oh, I want to. I want to get that endorsement. I want to see what it’s like. And so I chose that endorsement and and that endorsement. They have like certain classes that you have to take in order to complete it. And all of those classes are with the same teacher, Miss Amanda this. She’s from United High School and she was the advisor, the teacher leader for TAFE in United High School. So as as the leader, she always promoted her organization and everything. And at first, when you’re in high school, you’re like all club. I don’t want to join a club. And once I started getting more involved because they some of the activities we would do for those classes were some of the same activities you had to do for that club. I was like, Oh, I’m actually liking this. So I joined TAFE and I started getting more involved. So for sophomore year, I did a lot of activities with the community and going to school, so it’s really fun. And then for my junior year, that’s when I competed the first time. So competition is a big event and TAFE where you go. There’s like certain levels, regional, state and nationals where you go compete in certain events that are events mimicking or giving you scenarios that teachers go through every single day. So it gives you the practice and the experiences that teachers get every single day and give it provides you better skills, your presentation skills, meeting other people, building connections. So that was my first year competing and I loved it. I was very intimidated at first, but I ended up loving it. So that was my junior year. And then from my senior year, I took the position of president for my TAFE chapter in high school, and I competed that same year again. And during my leadership, I guess you could say I me and my team, we came up with certain events for the community that were new. And to this day, my teacher, I consider her. She’s still my teacher because I still have contact with her. But she continues to follow those events that we initiated, like we had a blank in a jug drive for the meeting, people in our community and in our district. So she continues to do that to this day. And so once we came to you, we realized that there wasn’t any organizations or many organizations that were for teachers , future teachers and some friends, and I decided to initiate it here. And since most of us had been involved in Cathy before, we were like, Why not bring Cathy to come you? And within meetings and meetings. The first semester we finally established it our spring semester, and I’m the president for our chapter.

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