Raquel Rodriguez: Community Involvement

Yes. So like I mentioned before, TAFE is very different from high school to college level and high school. You are more involved with the kids with elementary inside the district. And once you’re in college and university, it’s more strict because you have to get permission from the university and also the district. But essentially, we try to provide that for our members as much as we can. But we also are more involved with the community than we were in high school since that’s when you’re building the connections with the districts, with people around the city and the community to to get your name out because you know, when you’re a teacher, you have to be involved with the community, with the families of your students , so you have to be knowledgeable. What they’re meeting and being involved in the community it provided to the practice of what you need to be doing continually and, you know, see what’s going on in the community, help out as much as you can if you have the means.

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