Raquel Rodriguez: Substitute Teaching Opportunities

Yes. So we are planning on speaking to our members because our chapter provides the opportunity for our members to get the experience of working as teachers to see if this is what they want to do or not, and also provide these students with the opportunity of checking it out to see if maybe teaching is recalling instead of changing their whole major and deciding, Oh, it’s not this before it’s too late. So there’s this program offered by this college here in Laredo that certifies you as a substitute. And all of our officers have it already. And it’s a great program because you get the experience of being able to substitute and get an insight of what the teacher does. Even though it’s not the same amount of work, it’s not the same responsibility as a teacher, but you’re there and you get to experience the behavior of students in everything and just as well helps you build connections. I mean, you can substitute for many different districts, many different schools, elementary, middle school, high school. So you get to see the environment in each school, the environment of each grade to see if you like this grade or Oh no, I don’t want to deal with teenagers. I don’t want to deal with little kids. So it’s a great way to build connections and experience working with different age groups.

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