Raquel Rodriguez: TAFE Involvement Part 2

I’m not sure, but I think maybe. Being involved in TAFE helped me pursue this career because I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but joining this organization is a since high school. Opened to many, opened many doors for me. It opened a lot of doors into leading positions and maybe gaining the experience that I gained in high school helped me establish this chapter here and everything that we’re doing. It’s it’s it’s amazing. It’s a lot of responsibility. But sometimes we get we’re surprised at how big this is going, how much change we’re doing in terms of you. And it’s it’s worth it. It’s worth every pressure and every responsibility. And sometimes we may have mental breakdowns with our classes and with all of the events that are coming up or the meetings that we have to do. But once we’re in the events and seeing everything happen and seeing all the involvement and all the experiences we’re providing, we know it’s we know it’s worth it because we didn’t have that when we came in to tell you and I know that many people don’t have it in their schools and being able to gain this experience is saving them so much time. Maybe sometimes money in not taking certain courses, if they like it or not. So I’m I’m proud to say that. Think we were able to do that?

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