Raquel Rodriguez: TAFE Involvement at TAMIU

So for now, I think we have a little more than 40 members that are involved and we do have a lot of members that stay active in in all of our meetings and all of the events that we’re doing. You see the the intentions, the passion they have for teaching and the commitment to our organization. They they’re amazing members like it’s. It’s very rewarding to see that there’s other peers that think the same way that you do that they share the same values as you do because teaching isn’t just babysitting, there’s so much more into it . You’re basically raising the future. And there’s a lot from what society is putting into these young people’s minds. There is a lot that is wrong. A lot of evil and a lot of. A lot of things that are damaging the mental health of our of our generation’s future generations and one as an educator, as a teacher has to be able to. To influence them and to the good to influence them with the correct values, the correct morals, because sometimes they come from homes that aren’t just. They don’t care or they don’t teach them the right and wrong. So, you know, we have the responsibility of. Changing that and the chance of doing that to.

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