Katherine Aleman: What Barriers Have You Experienced?

Was one of the huge barriers that overcome was my language barrier because like, OK, I would have I did start of my life here in Laredo, and my mom tells me when I was little, I knew how to speak English. I was great, right? But then when I moved to Mexico, I lost all that. It was like gone. And when I when my parents, when I had to move back to, we have to move to San Diego. I mean, it’s all English. Like, it’s rare to find someone who speaks Spanish and knows big language barrier for me because it did limit me a lot. Although I I didn’t move at a young age. I was about eight. I did. I moved when I was eight years old. And you know how children learn language faster? I mean, OK, I did. I learned it in about three, 46 months, which is amazing, but I did still have my accent. I still don’t know a lot of words. I had a lot of trouble with reading a lot. I remember once that I was like, we had, we had to have read aloud three groups in the group of 56. And we’re student cornmeal. Like no coffee. You really read one sentence because you read slow, which I mean, that really kind of hurt because I mean, like, I’m learning. And so that was a big year for me because I was always, so what? I was always so nervous and embarrassed about my language. And over time, I started like trying to work so hard on it. I tried to talk to so many people to work on communication. And ever since then, though, thankfully it’s gotten better, and that was one of the barriers. And even now, like, you’re in college, like, I do speak both languages at home and like, speak Spanish here, I’m speaking English. If I have to constantly go back and forth and sometimes like, there are some things that I still have to look up like. If I don’t understand English, that’s Spanish. And that, I guess is like for some classes, that’s a big barrier for me. Like the language barrier for me to work on it,

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