Katherine Aleman: Who Are Your Role Models or Mentors?

Oh, well, I’ve had a lot. Thankfully, I’ve had a lot of mentors. People have been wanting to help me out throughout my like my college career. Anything. So the big ones were like my brother because, you know, I was one of my partners mentioned like, Oh, you want to see your mentor? You’re going to be better, my brother. Like, I was so smart and I’m going to beat you, especially because one time we had a class other and it was in high school algebra two together. And he’d be like, I would be like, Oh, I got 100 on my algebra test. He’s like, I got 205. So it’s always like, what competition? I’m like. I need to be better than him. But because he’s such a great person. And my parents are like, they always told me, You do what you like where you want to do. You do like we. We encourage anything you want to do because. OK, so one of the things for me is that I do want to become a teacher. I do want to work at schools and like, especially if you’re two students are reading. But one of the main things I want to do is I want to open up my own facility. We’re like, not a date. It is. It could be a daycare, but it is also it does. It can also have facilities for special occasion students for parents that might have trouble for their students. Because here in Laredo, we don’t have that or we might do, but they might not be great. So and they make many people go to San Antonio, they move there or they leave Laredo because they want to help their child. And I want to open up, but I want to. I want to open up something like that here in Laredo. And that’s one of the main things that my parents were like, OK, we’re going to help you. Once you want to start that, we’re going to be there throughout the whole way. And because my dad, he’s ever since I was little. It can be like small cut outs. Anything he would be like. If you want to do something. Do your best. Like, if you don’t do your best, then it’s not worth doing it. And so that’s always what encouraged me to be creative, what I do and when I open up, I just really hope it does help a lot of students. That’s my big dream. Why they want to like they encourage me to do your love in that way that my mentors. And that I didn’t ask that you’d like to talk about. Oh, no, I’m good at just like anyone I know, like many friend mentioned before, that maybe they might not look into the case because of the payroll. They don’t feel like they’re good enough to be a teacher, but honestly, just the the teaching career does. It is very rewarding. Like for me and I know for so many people to being a teacher is so amazing. And if they really want to look into it, I would just say, Go for it. Let’s open up so many doors.

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