Katherine Aleman: Interest in Special Education

That’s an interest because in my family there’s I have a cousin who has special who’s died. Well, two cousins who are diagnosed special education. But the main reason when I go into that, because I know it’s hard for so many people to say like, Oh, it’s hard to understand these students or they don’t know how to help them, how to build a connection with them. And for me, it’s just like again, like I mentioned, like those achievements, like for elementary students, it’s the same with special occasion students. Like anything they do, it’s for them to become better. And I think that by working with special teaching students, I mean, I like I want to be the impact as well because I want to prepare them for like elementary. I’m going to prepare them for a middle school and they need to come back to talk to me. I’m like, Go ahead. Let’s come back. Let’s hope you go to high school and I want to see them become greater. I want to see that like once, like I hear from, like, maybe like when we hear about a student, those like previous of mine are like, Oh, he did this, and I’m like, Yes, like my good show. And that’s like one of the big things. I’m looking forward with special education because I see my little cousins and I play with them. I know they’re so smart. I know they can do so much better. I know they’re like, there’s a whole world open for them. They just need to look like open up, and then we just need to find that door for them. And that’s what I want to do for them.

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