Katherine Aleman: Hopes and Goals

Oh, and I just look forward to the small achievements of every student like, you know, like I want to start off first as a regular elementary teacher. And I, you know, I love kindergarten kids. I love first grade. I know many people we see like little kids, too much work. I know I love the work like they inspire you so much. And I’m guessing, like throughout those years, they’re like, that’s like, for instance, they’re learning how to read. And for me, like if they’re able to read like that, one word like, I’m like, Congratulations, I like I love. Like, I’m looking forward to that because like, I’m not a big reader myself, but I know that reading does open up many things for students. So I like, for instance, they learn how to read. I’m like, Hey, I’m like, You’re great. Like, You’re doing this amazing thing that’s going to help you on later more like later on. And they learned how to pick when they learn how to read and like, that’s going to something going to be doing your whole life. Like, that’s I’m looking for small achievements, so become greater in the future.

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