Katherine Aleman: Introduction

My name’s Katherine. I live mine right now, a junior at Texas A&M TAMIU you here and I’m currently the treasurer for TAFE and for my family. They’ve been such a big help right now with my journey in the university, going towards my journey for education and overall, my school. They’re just huge help. Like, I don’t know what it would be with I.

OK, so I was born here in Laredo Texas, but because of my dad’s job before we sent, my parents did have me and my siblings at such a young age. They we didn’t have, like a lot of like family income. It was economically liberal, economically and stable. So we lived here for a few years. I started pre-K here and then after that you moved to the border town of Laredo, Texas, which is not a lot of money for us. Uh, we’ve lived. We lived there for about a good five or six years too. And that’s I live and I was finishing about third grade. And then from there, my dad got a. My dad was announced, he got a promotion, but the promotion was going to take us to San Diego, California, which I didn’t mind at all . But I it was hard because all of my family is in Orlando. And I mean, it was just that huge change from small Mexican city to a big one. And so from the third grade, I went to San Diego and I lived there for about also a good five years. And my last year middle school, we moved back here to Laredo because of my dad’s stuff too, because it was the reason we moved because it was a new project that was opening up. So and we knew it was temporary. So like, once it ended, it came back.

OK, so my role is happy. I think I’m I’m a treasure photography, and right now I’m currently studying to be an elementary teacher with special education for business. Yes.



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