Amy Campos: TAFE Officer Positions

So basically tough for me. Is like. The opportunity that lead me to all of this in the college level, I didn’t know what a dean was, I didn’t know what I like, I didn’t know the differences between professor and doctor it, you know? And because of being in the top fee, I was able to grow connections with people. I was able to grow bonds with friends. I was able to meet all these people in. Learn things I never experience, you know? So I am the secretary, I basically. Go to the meetings, I do all the notes, everything that’s going on in the meetings. I answer emails. I try to also contact people for certain things. And I think everyone, although we all have our officer position, we do a little bit of everything. I sometimes have to step up and do something else from somebody else because they are unable or sometimes I’m unable to do something, you know, and they step up. So I don’t consider of myself, Oh, I’m just a secretary. I consider myself as part of the consider myself a member. I try to do as much as they can, and I’m sure my other officers, like, try to do the same thing. And yeah.

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