Lourdes Viloria: Unique Learning Journeys

And they can see their own growth. You know, that’s the other thing, you know, that’s kind of like going back to the axis access and mobility because they see themselves moving through their journey and everybody’s going to have an individual journey. You know, that’s the other important piece to this, to the story. There’s really even though the data in terms of this is what happens really, you know, when you’re just looking at black, black and white data, you compare numbers and you compare students, unfortunately. But that’s not that shouldn’t be the case. You know, there should not be the way the each of the individual stories is written in because everybody brings a different set of skills, a different experience, a different history, a different support group, you know. And so that needs to be highlighted in that experience in that journey. That’s why, you know, that’s where the mobility comes into place.

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