Stephanie Bain: Introduction

so I’m Stephanie Bain and I’m originally from West Tennessee, so I grew up on the Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama border. And when I was about. Twelve and moved down here to Texas, fell in love with it when I moved my family and then I moved back to Tennessee, and so after I graduated my undergrad, I said, Hey, I want to go back. So my dad and I have family here that lives here as well. So I took a road trip out and I landed here. I began teaching in the rural districts here in South Texas, and in fact, every school that I’ve worked at, whether that be K-12, I was the middle school and high school social studies teacher or here at the collegiate level, higher ED is has been at Hispanic serving institutions. So when I transitioned from. High school, middle school to teaching higher Ed actually had some of my students that I taught in middle school come through my college classes, which was very interesting. I loved it. But then I’m like, Man, does that mean I’m getting older too? So in fact, some of them I didn’t recognize and it was like, Oh my gosh, it’s so crazy. So I wound up doing that, and I had a wonderful opportunity. I completed my doctorate at A&M Kingsville, so I worked at A&M Kingsville for over six years and I was the avid liaison there.

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