Lourdes Viloria: Launching the Disposition Survey

We haven’t. We’re going to launch it in the spring launch. Yes. It’s just getting started. I think that’ll be. Yes. I mean, we actually we had a difficult time getting it off the ground, to be honest, because we couldn’t decide on, you know what exactly how to evaluate how to and how to also present it to the teacher candidate in terms of for them to be able to to know exactly what they were rating themselves on. Right. Like really not being too general, but not being like. Very specific either had to be very at face value, be something that this teacher candidates could understand what they were readying themselves on. Right. So that’s why we elicited the the participation from the school district, so they could actually help us define what it is that they were looking for. But at the same time, you know, as teacher candidates, we also have the certification exams that we have to focus on because otherwise, you know, the districts are going to have teachers. So that was building into the disposition survey. In terms of the professional, it’s actually professional dispositions, right? I could see how that would be difficult. It’s very difficult. You know, the more you know, the more you know, you don’t know exactly may at the beginning they may rate themselves appear, but as they understand it more, they may. Yeah, for example, one of the one of the things that we, you know, that was very common that we actually worked on a lot was yourself on essays based learning like, you know, what is asset space learning, right? Like that was like, we couldn’t just put that out there. So we scratched that. Let’s do something else I could. I could definitely give you a copy of that disposition survey. I can email it to you. Yeah. Yeah, they can email it to us, actually. We just completed it. And because our deadline was to get it off the ground and be ready to launch in spring.

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