Crystal Beltran: TAFE Impact

So I was in TAFE at United South High School with our advisor, Miss Larry Rodriguez, and she that impact with the TAFE High School. Helped guide me into wanting to be an educational major because I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to be a teacher, so because my mindset was always on like agriculture and like animals and stuff because I grew up in a ranch. So then I thought of joining the educational field, so I’m glad that my high school provided that program for me to join. And then that’s when I actually realized this is what I want to do, and this is where I want to go. Well, this is what I want a career in. So then when transferring from TAFE and high school to TAFE and university, well, we didn’t have a TAFE here at TAMIU, so we ended up bringing it. Me and my fellow officers are my friends. We ended up creating this organization here at TAMIU, bringing this TAFE to make it feel like a comfort zone at the university because it’s such a grand. Transition from high school to university, so it was a great way to bring that in and as well as TAFE and high school, it taught me a lot about patience with kids, how to build a lesson plan, how to speak with. Publicly, how to have that courage that I didn’t really have, that I built through TAFE in high school and brought that into the university.


My sister, she’s an educator. So seeing her decorate her classroom and I would go, help her decorate her classroom and see the students. And as well as being the youngest of four and being an aunt of four kids at such a young age like having I love kids. So that also was a connection to wanting to be an educator and educator because of teaching these kids doing those role models and my sister being that role model to me, her decorating your classroom and all this and that. So I was like, Let me give it a shot and change my endorsement because I endorsement was agriculture and welding those let me go ahead and change my endorsement to education and see where this goes. And I’m glad I did because it led me to the path that I actually enjoy and love to do. And I love teaching kids and having that connection with students because with TAFE, I got to do that. Go to a classroom in high school, go to a classroom and teach a lesson to them and get that connection with my students. And so this day, I still remember each of my students names because of how like that impacted me and to actually, this is what I want to do. So it was a great endorsement change that I did there.

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