Crystal Beltran: Dual Credit Opportunities

Oh, I was very my my school counselor might consider was a very big help. She helped me out a lot and I was real close with her. I would always go with her, like with any problems that I had. And then I told her, like, is there any like opportunity for me to do college classes because I do want to finish as soon as possible, like I want to start working and my career and this and that? And she was like, Yeah, like, there’s this program. She offered me in the program and I I did all that on my own and my sister, my big sister, she she went to the university and stuff. But this was like 15 years ago because we have a big gap difference. So I kind of did everything on my own because my parents don’t know much about technology and college and stuff, so I just asked a lot of questions. I asked my counselor for help. I asked anybody like the office there at school, like what programs do you guys have for college classes that are for free? And I would double check, is it for free? Like, Is it free? Like, it’s not going to charge me is I’m going to affect my financial aid if I’m going to do this and that that building all these are programs that are like fair offer for high school students. And I was like, OK. And I was like, Well, yeah, I’ll go for it. And I did it, and I took advantage of the summer classes as well. So I didn’t really spend my summer. I spent summer doing college classes because I would tell my mom that no mom, like mom and dad like this is a good opportunity for me. Like because it’s free, like it’s it’s better. You know this now and they’re like, OK. And they supported me through that as well. So my counselor was a really big help when it came to those classes.

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