Crystal Beltran: Barriers, Mentors & Role Models

So some barriers that I had to go through entering the university was distant wise because I only live 30 minutes away and it was just it’s very hard like to constantly be driving back and forth to school as well as money wise, like my parents don’t. I don’t come from money like my parents, my mom, my mom’s a stay at home wife and my dad works at a ranch. My dad’s a ranch and he’s a rancher, so he doesn’t make a lot of money and then financially recovered for me, but not what I wanted it to cover. So it was hard because I have to end up paying out of pocket money. And I I’ve always I’ve been working. I’ve always been working since I was like 15, and it was just very difficult entering into university and working and a full time student. It was very hard to balance all that out and then living 30 minutes away. So like I would come home like at twelve one in the morning when I would work, but I’m really glad that I have the support system. I have like that my parents and my siblings and friends, and all that helped me through that process that crossed that barrier in a way and help me with school wise and work wise to kind of balance that out. And that’s one barrier, though the living of the distance, but also the money wise. It was real hard because, like I said, like my financial aid, I would think, Oh, quite naturally, it’s going to cover me, and I know my mom doesn’t work. My dad like he makes, he doesn’t make a lot of money and it didn’t. So I’m there. And as well as scholarships, always applying for scholarships and stuff to help me out. And I’m grateful that at the high school they they offered dual credit and gold program, which are college classes for free. So I took advantage of those classes since I wasn’t. I’m not from money, so I needed like those free classes. I took advantage of them and I took any possible advantage to do free classes for college to get me a head to finish. So. That’s the barrier mind,

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