Amy Campos: Introduction

So good afternoon. My name is Amy Campos. I am a student here at Texas A&M International University. I am 19 years old and I am the first generation here, not only in the country but also in the university. I come from parents that were born and raised in Mexico. So I just want to cry when we see. I love being here, I love. I could tell by my service, I love learning whether it’s education or if I want to learn a little bit about medical field or anything that I just love learning. I am very passionate of what I do. I love. I currently work at an elementary, so I love working with students. I love working with people. I love helping the community out as much as possible.


I’m one of the only ones that have a teacher’s aide certification. I was able to obtain the certification review. I used the I had to do the same thing as my other classmates. I went through the whole endorsement. So first I took my classes with the practical my instructional practices and taught my last class, which is the practicum I had to take. And it’s more like an internship. I can say where I was stationed at KMGH Elementary here in Texas high school and I was assigned a second grade, so I would go there every Monday through Friday during my school hours. So basically I had this practicum practicum class first and second period, so I would take a bus like the school bus and they would take me to the elementary and there I would do lesson plans. I would help the teacher out with whatever they needed, whether it was just me being there, teaching them something the teacher would need to like, leave the room and she would just put me in charge. Or she would do like, make me do what are they called? Um. There are these posters where they do lessons. The word got out of my mouth. I’m sorry, but I will do all these things. And it was for like a whole semester, so I was able to complete the 7:20 hours. I think that’s the and. I gained so much experience from it, I honestly I still remember the students, I feel like although I was not quite yet like a teacher and I still am not, I feel like those were my first students. You know, I was able to grow bond. I was able to know stories from each individual that was in that class. I was able to learn from the teacher I was assigned. She helped me create lessons. She helped me not to be nervous. She told me. Think about it as this is your class, you know? And it was something that I learned, and I still carry it throughout my life and I think will carry it throughout. I hope throughout my life. But it’s just those things that helped me become better. You know, those little certificates, people say, Oh, it’s just a teacher certificate. You’re not a teacher yet, you know, but it’s like I was 18 years old when I obtained it. You know, I never saw myself. I let my parents know they were so happy about it, you know, because it’s something that no one in my family has ever done before, you know? But I want to thank you guys, the owner. Thank you. I want to thank Dr. Maya because all these people have helped me obtain all these things, you know?

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