Lourdes Viloria: Doctoral Work

I was twelve years as a school principal while I was working full time as a school principal and sort of my my Ph.D. in education administration. I actually was turned down from Texas A&M International. I did apply here because they only had a curriculum and instruction program and I wanted education administration. So I went straight to College Station and I completed my my degree, my Ph.D. in six years. It was letting steam because I was working full time. I actually wanted to go back to UT Austin, but they required that I leave, you know, completely not work at all, and I just couldn’t afford that. And so that’s why I ended up at College Station in Texas. Of course, there’s a big rivalry about the Longhorns and the Aggies, but I am proud to be both. So, you know, so it’s like all of my life, you know, I just try to balance everything and everybody. Everyone has a room in my life.

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