Lourdes Viloria: Creating a Culture for Student Learning

And so the school, of course, you know, going back to the accolades are based on data. I was we successfully had the school be recognized in the Texas education agency recognized twice because of our our scores, the scores of students said. And so and that just proves I mean, I don’t know if it pros, but it just shows that if you’re working, the child will perform. If you have teachers that care like really, genuinely care, but know that not only like building the false hopes, but given the tools, you know not only to the child but also to the teachers, so that once everyone’s working, collaborating together, you are going to have a successful school day at the school. And that I think here in Laredo, you have many schools in both school districts that are nationally recognized as Blue Ribbon Schools. And I think that’s where it stems from, you know, it stems from building the community, really the culture of the school and looking at the, you know, the assets, you know, that the students bring with them and working with the families now. Again, it’s not easy sometimes to convince families because, you know, we do have parents that have two or three jobs, but they do care about education. You know, I continue to work with the communities in the South. I continue to mentor.

I’m now. Even though I’m here at the university, I still maintain the ties I am of of a mentor to two students. Every year, I mentor to students from Laredo United, the LBJ High School, and I visit with them, work with them so that the Fort Scholarship is as tuition is a tuition scholarship for students that are again low socio economic first generation and our our sponsor is the same family from here from Laredo, and we are called the Fords of the Ford Scholar like sports scholars, mentors. And then, you know, once as soon as I graduate, they come to. Tell me you, and their tuition is is fully taken care of. 

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