James O’Meara: What Has Shaped You as an Educator?

Throughout the journey, there’s always that decision point where you’re stuck and then you’re faced with a decision. And what I’ve found that the journey that led the direction which I’ve found to be positive often has been. Created through the assistance or with the assistance of a mentor that’s really shaped. The type of supports and programs that I put in place, whether here are ten of you at Texas A&M International. Chicago, Australia, Africa, this idea of connections connecting to a mentor and a mentor who is someone that. Not a savior, but a guide. And provides choices, and then it’s up to you to make that decision and make the best of the decision you made. And so what you see here at Tammy, you. Is the idea that we provide opportunities to cultivate educated? By positioning mentors and support along the way in the journey. And their opportunities, their invitations, really. To make a decision. We’ll provide the challenge. And also the support, but it’s up to you to really take that option, make that decision about what you’re going to do with that opportunity.

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