James O’Meara: Introduction

Well, my name is James. I’m the dean here at the College of Education at Texas A&M International and how I often tell my stories. I say I’m an Australian by birth, but operating by choice. I’m also someone who is the product of a family that wanted something better for their children and the success story of a teachers who really believed in me said you can do whatever is possible. So I’ve been on a bit of a journey, which is started in Australia. Then traveled across to the US, little world lived in Greece. And came back to Australia and eventually found my home in Chicago with Carol, my wife and. We start to make some time here in the US, but really hadn’t found that right place and that way here in the right of which is a city which I think is just ideal for where I’m at because and that’s why some of the writing by choice, because I really believe in the power of education. And so I do, providing opportunities for all the same opportunities always given through education and seeing education as this passport to options. And really, this this medium for mobility.

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