Haziel Mota: Hopes

So for me, going back to that being that you marry two students, I I’m not a big fan of toddlers or little kids , but I am like, I want to be a high school teacher, a high school educator, and I feel like high school is that transition that stage in a teenager’s life where they’re lost. They’re trying to find like their place in society, their place in school, what they want to do with their life, whether they want to go to this college, what they want to pursue, you know, establish that foundation for their life, that path that they have to follow. So I feel that as an educator, like you spend a lot of time with these kids, like most of the day, you know, they see you for like a great amount of time. And I feel that as an educator, like the thing that I’m most passionate about and that I want to do, maybe see myself saying five to ten years is guiding these students, you know, helping them, you know, this is what you can do like not discouraging them, like mention like help them overcome those barriers showing to them that, you know, there’s other people that did it. You can do it, too. You know, it’s not there’s nothing wrong with wanting to work, for example, like in an oil field or wanting to work to a man job like, you know, following the culture. But like, if you want to go beyond that pass that in pursuing education, then you can go ahead and do it. There’s nothing wrong with breaking the stereotype or, you know, going outside of your culture because like, it’s you, it’s you as a person. So as an educator, I want to inspire children. I want to help them, you know, give the best of their potential because they are children who are extremely smart. They have the passion. And there are so many things that they’re like are barriers put upon them that bring them down. So I feel that as an educator, like it is our our our duty to encourage them and give them that hope to be somebody because they are somebody, but, you know, help to guide them and build them in and so that they can mold themselves and open doors and guide the path for them to like more success.

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