The Miller Family: Part One

Martha: My name is Martha Miller. I’m Elizabeth’s mom and Ron’s wife. My background is in education and business, and now I’m the Director of the Family Life Office for the Diocese of Laredo.


Ron: Well, I’m Ron Miller. My occupation is a Fleet Management Director for the city of Laredo. I went to Laredo State University before it became Texas A&M International. I spent years there, met my beautiful wife, and it’s been great to be back here at the school.


Elizabeth: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Miller. I’m about to graduate from Texas A&M International University. As you’ve heard, both my parents are alumni of what was then called Laredo State. Our family has a deep connection with this institution. TAMIU has been a center point for us, and it’s a place where I realized my passion for teaching. It’s also home to my cousins and friends. TAMIU is truly a magical place.


Ron: We’re so proud of Elizabeth and all she has accomplished. She always had a lot of ambition in everything she did. We had our ups and downs, but we supported her and gave her the opportunity to make decisions with our support. As a family, we always took moments to give her the support she needed, and we’re happy and proud of her right now. We’ll continue to support her in all her future endeavors.


Martha: Supporting Elizabeth has been a journey that started when she was a baby. We always encouraged her, step by step, and were patient with her crazy ideas. Even in elementary school, she wanted to be in every competition. She learned to sing, play the piano on her own, and in high school, she always gave more than 100% in everything she did. We were always there to answer her questions and guide her.


Elizabeth: Yes, I did lots of mentoring for the science fair class I previously mentioned. I would go back every year, even after graduating, to motivate the next group of students. I would tell them to find passion in their projects. My parents always supported me throughout this journey, funding my ideas and fostering my creativity. There were challenging days, but my parents were always there to calm me down and encourage me to take things step by step.


Martha: During COVID, our home became a study hall for elementary kids and our college students. We had to be creative with space to create an office for one and a classroom for another. It was chaotic but full of learning, joy, and loud music. We danced a lot, and the neighbors even noticed when we were quiet.


Elizabeth: The whiteboard from my childhood became my nephews’ and grandchildren’s classroom tool. Our home, although loud and chaotic, was a place of learning and joy. We are notorious on our block for our lively environment.


Ron: We also hosted international students who needed a place to stay. We shared our traditions with them, including Thanksgiving and Easter at the ranch. What started with five students grew to thirty, but we always had plenty of food and a welcoming home.


Elizabeth: My parents opened their home to TAMIU students from different subject areas. Many would study at our house, despite the noise, because it felt like home. My parents became well-known on campus, especially for my dad’s brisket. They created a nurturing space for all students, for which I am very thankful.

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