Roberto Salinas: His Story and Experiences with TAFE

I’m Roberto Salinas. My major is history with a teaching certification. So far in my teaching progress, I would say I’m nearing the end. I’m planning to enter Block 3 by next spring, and hopefully, I will graduate that same semester.


That’s a good question because I always look at different inspirations. Culturally, I see teaching as an honorable career, one that involves a lot of hardship but is very rewarding. Personally, my mother, who has been a teacher for over 20 years, inspired me to pursue the same career. Growing up and seeing her dedication and impact influenced my decision to become a teacher.


Time management is definitely a challenging aspect of teaching. Balancing school, personal life, and work can be demanding. You always have to be on the ball, constantly moving and thinking on your feet. Studying for this career has made me realize the importance of improving my time management skills. Participating in TAFE has helped me grow in this area as well.


What I’m most excited about is actually going out there and teaching. It’s a basic answer, but having completed Block 2, I got a little taste of it and really liked it. Teaching allows you to be yourself, influence others, and inspire students. I remember many of my teachers from elementary and secondary school, and I hope to leave a similar impact on my future students.


I hope the future goes well for me and my fellow TAFE members. They are all hardworking individuals, and I hope their projects succeed, leading them to Nationals. I believe they should focus on themselves, follow their passions, and eventually, they will impact others.

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