Julyanna Gonzalez: Her Pathway Story

My name is Julyanna Gonzalez. I’m currently attending United South High School, and I am a senior. I actually got the class by accident, and I was planning to get out of the class until we started writing out flyers and volunteer letters. I was introduced to the fake babies and the entire education world, and I completely blossomed into a new person. It brought so much confidence to my life.


So far, I’ve been in TAFE for almost over two years now, and it’s just been incredible. Right now, we just finished our six-week program at Killam Elementary School, where we learned everything about the students and how exactly the environments work. TAFE has brought out most of my creativity, confidence, and communication skills. Anything that can further my education, TAFE has definitely been a part of it.


When we’re with students, we remember to maintain professional skills, have fun, be confident, and reassure and reinforce their learning. We facilitate learning to ensure their education comes first. We discipline them and ensure they learn as best as they can, whether it’s in Spanish or in English. For me, I had the chance to talk to bilingual students during my six-week course with them. We did projects, wrote little essays, and learned sentences in both English and Spanish.


This is my TAFE portfolio. My theme is the Grinch because I love Christmas. We start off with our table of contents, then my introduction page, cover page, letter of introduction, my information, and my resume. It continues with letters of reference from my art teacher and my college professor. These are some coming soon pages. What I’m really proud of is that everything from the Grinch theme is handmade. We have a machine that cuts out various symbols, shapes, and colors, but because my theme is unique, they didn’t have the Grinch on the cutting machine. So I made tons of pages that reflect various competitions and events we’ve had.

This section highlights the mini conference, the elementary visits, the parent summit, and the honor awards. For example, I printed out tennis balls and a tennis racket. This section also includes events like Junior Achievement on October 5th and another mini conference. Finally, I have certificates for community hours.

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