Fred Juarez: Addressing Student Needs and Thoughts on the Pathway

I’m Freddy Juarez, and I handle all the marketing and communications for the College of Education.


I think the biggest thing we try to stress is communication because students like to have information right away. Sometimes, they don’t read or see certain emails or information sent to them. As a student myself, I know we are bombarded with hundreds of emails from different offices. Communication on social media, especially Instagram, is a huge plus for getting out the information that is needed in real time.


One of the challenges, which is also a good problem, is growth. As the college and the university grow, trying to impact all of those students is quite a challenge. Keeping up with growth is important. If we don’t keep up with the growth, it becomes a problem for the college and the university. Maintaining and keeping up with growth through effective communication, whether via social media or direct texts, is crucial.


I’m fairly new to this position, having started in February. I’ve been learning as I go, and many students have helped me grow into my role. They often come in and say, “Hi, Mr. Freddy, how are you? Hope you’re doing well.” I express to them that I’m also taking courses, which helps me relate to them on a personal level. This connection enhances communication and shows them that someone cares about their well-being because I’m in the same situation. It’s not just one story; many students come in to ask how I’m doing and to talk about their classes. Reaching students on a personal level helps create a strong connection with the college.


Providing students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in teaching at a younger age will benefit both the students and the community. It helps in creating the next generation of educators. What better place for them to get experience than in their hometown? We would love for our graduates to come back and teach here in this community. Getting hands-on experience while still in the community allows them to give back and contribute positively as they graduate.

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