Elda Guzman: Her Story and Experiences with TAFE

My name is Elda Guzman. I’m currently a senior here at Texas A&M International University, studying to get my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with an EC-6 certification and a bilingual emphasis. When I first started university, teaching wasn’t my first option. It was always in the back of my mind since I was a kid. The statement, “Oh, I want to be a teacher,” was something I would say, but I never gave it 100% of my attention. I focused on nursing for my first two years of college. Then COVID hit, and it made me realize that nursing might not be for me. I spoke to one of my high school teachers, who motivated and inspired me to try teaching. She said, “Why don’t you try teaching? Just try it out; maybe you’ll like it.” So, I did. I helped with summer school, and it was really fun. I realized I liked it, so I switched my major. Here I am now.


Coming out of COVID, I experienced a loss of confidence, especially in public speaking. Joining TAFE and learning that we would go into classrooms was nerve-wracking because I had lost the confidence I once had. Even standing in front of a class of kids made my heart race. But little by little, with the projects we do and the activities where we go to schools and get involved in our community, I started to relax and get back into it.

Currently, our competitions are nerve-wracking but exciting. It’s great to see our projects and our members excited about them. Looking to the future, I hope to graduate next December, which feels like it’s coming so fast. Overall, I’m excited and looking forward to what lies ahead.

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