Arcelia Gonzalez: Addressing Student Needs and Benefits of the Pathway

My name is Arcelia Gonzalez, and I am the undergraduate advisor for students at TAMIU College of Education. My role is to advise students on their career paths depending on the major they choose. Since we have a wide range of majors, it is my job to ensure they meet all the admissions requirements, keep them on track, and address any challenges or discrepancies that arise. I keep them informed so they can make the best choices for themselves.


As one of the undergraduate advisors for the College of Education, I work with students trying to get admitted into the College of Education and guide them until they are successfully admitted, ensuring they have a successful first semester. The population I deal with varies a lot since we are an international university, which I feel is one of the perks of this university.


In my personal experience as a TAMIU graduate, I saw a great need for more diverse educators and professors. Finances also play a significant role, as many students, including myself, rely heavily on financial aid. My parents weren’t able to pay for my education, so I relied on state and government assistance. TAMIU does a great job of ensuring everyone gets some form of help, but finances remain an issue for many students. Some don’t receive enough aid to cover full-time status, which can delay their graduation.


For example, this week, I had a transfer student from LC. She was classified as a sophomore but needed help with her schedule to maintain full-time status due to financial aid constraints. We had to get approval from the chair and the dean, Dr. Faltis and Dr. O’Meara, to allow her to register for a junior-level course despite not being officially admitted into the College of Education. The student was panicking, but I reassured her that we would find a solution. With the help of the chair and dean, we were able to adjust her schedule to meet financial aid requirements. She was very excited and thankful.


What I’ve seen is that our students, especially those who go through the College of Education, are very well-prepared. They understand the needs and barriers that students may face, including international students. Our pathway at TAMIU emphasizes this understanding, preparing future professors and teachers to recognize that there is not just one type of population but a diverse world of individuals.

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