Stephanie Bain: Texas Region One Performance

This is a quick fact if you didn’t know this, but so Texas were divided up into 20 some odd regions. I probably have to get that educational regions where we’re at right now is considered region one. Region one is the highest performing K-12 region in the state of Texas. So when when you know, I’ve taught it other regions, other districts before I came to higher ED, and so we would have, you know, the higher ups from the Texas Education Association come in and we would be like, man, nature, our struggles, you know, the reading levels in English, not their first language, the ability to stop right there. Region one and then they tell us and they would be like, mm, we got nothing, nothing to say from that, so economically disadvantaged minority location in Texas, you know, I’m sure you’ve heard about the colonials here, but they’re still performing. So that’s where that grit comes in, that she can’t teach. But but I don’t know if I answer those questions, right? But just just as holistic support system, you know, curriculum, social, emotional tutoring and mentoring, having them have life experiences. Many of our students haven’t been out of Laredo, South Texas, Texas, even though Texas is pretty large as borrowing and cut this back to the Texas land was is twice as large as Germany. I don’t know why I found that fact on Germany. I don’t know who went down in there. But it’s double the size of Germany. Just like, wow, you know, like and it was rated than if we were our own country, the ninth largest economy in the world. So this is the opportunity that we have here. This is what we’ve got going on.

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