Stephanie Bain: Circle of Care Model

We also have an educational administration program. So we’re teaching teachers to be administrators and we’re teaching teachers to be curriculum instructors. And so we have this pipeline. And that’s really we’re avid supports the avid system, this circle of care model. So when our student teachers come through our programs where they need to pass state test, right? But what many times teachers going in the classroom, new teachers, they’ve passed all their tests, they’ve gotten A’s in their courses. But like myself, I was not prepared for the classroom. So this is where something like professional development, high impact practice, implementation of high impact practices because they learn about hiring practices. Our faculty are great, great instructors, great teachers like this is what we do. But students need that extra practice, too. So we’re not only going to be training our faculty, we’re going to be training our student teachers and we’re reaching out to our local districts. So we have a lot going on next semester and something that, as far as my knowledge, not another higher ed institution for Avid has done. Our dean and our associate dean and our department chair have we have come up with a model for our faculty here. So in the summer, we are going to be hosting our own teaching summit so everyone will get to come for four days. I don’t know how they’re going to feel about the summer, so it’ll be a excuse me, sorry. It’ll be a four day event in which everyone becomes certified, probably in wicker. What we’ll start off, which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading. And that’s really the foundation of what the circle of care model is and high impact practices. So even though Avid is a nonprofit, they didn’t invent high impact practices, best practices. We’ve known that for years, but they’ve done a great job of helping and partnering because it is a partnership with institutions to help their faculty, and it does work. You know, I’ve seen it work. And so hopefully in the next three to five years, we can see our retention grow our students, passing their state standard at a higher, higher percentage and then going out into the classroom and being able to to not just be successful here in Laredo because I know they will be , but but nationally. And if they want to go internationally and just have a greater impact, and that’s where, you know, the internet helps, you know, I’ve been seeing online where you know, you’ve got a first second third year teachers and they’ve got their own blogs and they’re talking about their experience and showing other teachers high impact practices in the classroom. And it’s reaching. They’re just, you know, the goodness of their heart is reaching so many students, teachers and teachers. So so things like that, just giving back to the community and not just your own community, other communities. So I know how rewarding that is to be able to teach, take what I know to different communities. And and I hope that for for our students as well, it’s a great story.

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