Stephanie Bain: AVID and TAFE

So avid originated in K-12. And when you think of elementary, middle school and high school, Avid was prepping. It does prep students for college, so that focuses on that. So students that are in high school that are in the TAFE organization. If there was an avid class, they could then have that extra support of preparing them for college. And I know TAFE focuses on teacher prep. And so there’s a chapter in the high schools. Now there’s a chapter in or there is a chapter here in the college ED. So what we’re going to do is be offering these professional developments to our TAFE students as well because we certainly want them to be trained. Hopefully, some of them will be train our trainers and they can go back to their organization and train their members. So it’s just this snowball, a good snowball effect and to to then just keep growing and keep growing. And the more opportunities we give people, the more people are going to come, the more people are going to go and share their experience. And that’s just really how it builds throughout. So yes, our TAFE students are so important because they’re the leaders, they’re leaders in what they’re doing, and we get them fired up about it and we want to get our teaching students fired up about it, our student teachers and and offer these professional development. I want to say they’re all free. All these professional developments are free. And when we for our faculty, for our staff, for our, for our TAFE students, our student teachers, anybody in the College of Education and then others, if they would like to attend eventually, we would like to reach out to them. But they’re most welcome here to me and then we want to build those relationships with ices and we’ll see what that looks like because that’s a lot of teachers. It’s exciting. But but yeah, we’ll have to figure that out. And also we will be offering one in South Texas. You know, it’s like if you’re asking somebody, come for a six hour train and you better feed them breakfast and lunch and give them a give away by the end of it, or there’s going to be some rioting. So we’re super excited about that too, that we’ll be offering that.

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