Seth Sampson: Introduction

I came here three years ago, was my third year here at Texas A&M International University. I’ve been in the educational field for 17 years now, am primarily up in San Antonio. And I started as a social studies teacher for an alternative school called Tejeda Junior Academy and the first school of its kind, where it was for nontraditional students that were a couple of grades behind. They fell behind. They weren’t able to keep up with their peers of the same age group, and we had to go out to the different campuses, middle school campuses in the in the district to kind of recruit students. And we ended up getting a lot of behavioral students from a lot of those campuses, but it served as a great opportunity for professional growth for myself and my colleagues because really, the four of us, it was just the content area teachers . It was our first years of teaching. So it’s invaluable experience to start our careers off with. And then I taught social studies for another full year there and a different school coach for a little bit. And then I got my special education certification. I became a special education case manager and co teacher at the middle school level and coached as well. At that time. And did that for a good three years while I was working on my master’s. To become a school counselor because I felt the need was there to assist students in reaching their full potential because you could see all the things that could have impeded their learning ability. And it was outside of the school setting and I had a tendency to build up the rapport with the students so they could be in a place to receive the learning and from the teaching that was happening. So I felt like that was more of my calling to to work in that.

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