Seth Sampson: TAFE Impact After Graduation

I really think that what they’re learning here and the experiences that they’ve had are going to allow them to be one marketable to a position where they feel as if they can be the best fit and will foster personal and professional growth as educators. But then also having the opportunity to. Kind of pass on the knowledge that they’ve had, you know, regarding social, emotional learning, regarding the empathy for others, critical thinking skills, reasoning skills, things that are really a part of the social emotional aspect of one’s learning because all too often that sense of belonging, maybe. Not necessarily present for all the students and having the experience of including others that you may not have the same background as, or you may not necessarily relate to having that experience at an early age or getting that experience in college and then being able to translate that into how can I pass this knowledge on to an individual that’s elementary school aged or middle school age or even high school age? And what will transpire? What is the dialog like? How do we communicate that I’m being an effective communicator at that and being able to do that is hopefully. Going to be something that can be impactful in. Others lives. And I think the individuals that are part of TAFE now realize that they really do.

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