James O’Meara: Strengths and Supports

So most people think about resources from companies that look at test organizations that develop test is had to do better at a test. We’re looking at the different programs available. There’s programs around social, emotional learning, so developing the whole learning to identify and self-regulate. In ways that will improve academic success, so they’ll do self-discovery, diagnostic type activities. The then connected to activities to build those capacities. There’s also career clarity or career readiness test. The program is called Mosaic, and so, as the name suggests, a whole. And. Array of supports and resources for someone to seek that clarity. There’s also support for the parents because, um. Nancy herself was someone born in this region, and she knows the importance of family and that family are very influential decision maker in this process. And so building that up with 80. As a holistic in a, as I said, a learning community in that case, the learning community is the learner. The family and probably trusted family and friends of that family really important. And so as a student goes through and tears and acts. They start to realize where their strengths are, and then given the tools and some of the strategies, again, that notion of on readiness or lack of readiness. If you’re first in your family, here’s some strategy, and this is what the typically successful student does. In their efforts to increase the likelihood or elevate the likelihood of success and access to college.

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