Cody Perry: Understanding Math Education

Well, part of it is because of social media. They’re only showing a partial picture of what’s going on. So when they see this really convoluted type of thing, that is not. The end goal, that’s one step towards that goal. And so the parents, you know, they see that and they get and it’s because, you know, we’re trying to help the students understand the place value behind it and why we, you know, regroup and different things like that. And some students get it right away and others don’t. So they need another way of seeing it, whether it’s, you know, the area model or. The lattice method or whatever it is. And so parents get frustrated. Now what I tell my student because I would tell, I mean, I had that problem with parents when I threw out the multiplication table. I have parents coming saying, this is going to be a nightmare. You know, how was my student going to be successful? And if I had a good relationship with the parent, I might and I will. You know, I tell my students, you have to have a good relationship with the parent, but I would say it’s nine times seven. And some of them would know it, but it would take a second, and I’d call one of my students over and be like, what’s nine times seven? And they get it like that? And I said just because something’s been done for 100 years doesn’t mean that it’s effective. And we can keep teaching it that way. But. What do you do when you’re cooking, do you? You know, and the example I use in class is if you have a recipe and you triple it. Do you do the math and figure out what you’re measuring cup is or you do you take the quarter cup and measure it out three different times? That’s what they all do as you don’t have to do it that way. You can use your half cup and a quarter cup. You take your time. You know, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time. And so that’s a big one is, you know, just because it was done like that in the past doesn’t mean it’s always , you know, the best way of doing things. When I was growing up, you know, we had rotary phones. Do we really want to go back to rotary phones? I don’t think so. We had party lines where, you know somebody lived next to you and you would get on the phone and they were on the phone. You couldn’t make, you know. So there’s a lot of things in the past that we did with the best. Bless you. We did the best with what we knew how. But now we’ve, you know, progressed and we know better ways of doing it.

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